Hi, I'm Diego.

By day, I'm a business strategist with experience leading teams and consulting VPs, Directors, and Senior Managers at Fortune 500 companies. By night, I'm a writer who loves the topic of self-productivity & improvement.

This site hosts all of my writing on topics I find fascinating. This site is also my living resume.

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About me

I started off my career as a telemarketer (5 years and 4 months as one to be exact). The job consisted of making 100+ cold calls per day to sell appliance warranties to people over the phone. As you probably already guessed, it was a tough job. But as tough as it was, it served as the foundation of my career.

I learned how to consistently generate $100k - $200k in monthly sales while speaking to thousands of strangers per week, using nothing but my voice to close a deal. I got good at communication, good enough that I eventually began working for one of the top sales trainers in America.

Trusted by businesses all over the U.S. 🇺🇸

"I highly recommend Diego for anyone seeking to achieve the next level and has an appetite for high performance."

Adil, Business Owner in Maryland

"Over the course of 2 years Diego was there for our team when it mattered most. His experience and ability to train others makes him a powerful tool for any organization small or large."

Robert, Business Owner in Iowa

"One thing that I love about Diego is that he never gives advice that he wouldn't follow himself. He thrives on evolving as times change which makes him an excellent marketing strategist."

Ohm, Business Owner in North Carolina

"With his support, guidance and knowledge of what it takes to be successful he has helped us get to where most companies at their one year mark aren’t. As a client of Diego’s you need to rest assured you’re in phenomenal hands."

Billy, Business Owner in Michigan

"Diego helped us find the facts with new Customers and in-turn make more sales. He helped us stay organized with our sales approach and grow our revenue."

Keith, Business Owner in California

"Diego was amazing: he set appointments quickly, he communicated clearly, he checked in on me regularly, he always and promptly did what he said he would do."

Jeff, Business Owner in Nebraska