About me

My full name is Diego M. De Los Reyes, and I'm a writer and business strategist who's consulted 250+ companies on their sales and marketing processes.

I graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Business Management, and I hold certifications in Google Analytics and Ads Search, SEO, Marketing Strategy, and Facebook Ads.

I've had a pretty unique career.

I encourage you to keep scrolling for an overview of my story as well as my latest positions.

Diego M. De Los Reyes

Part ☝️

In a nutshell, my story can be summarized in a few paragraphs.

I was a top-performing telemarketer for Sears Holdings who consistently brought in $100k-200k per month with an average closing ratio of 30-40 percent.

Around the time Sears was filing for Chapter 11, I began listening to sales trainers like Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort to increase the amount of sales I could make.

Eventually, I decided that it was time to make a shift in my career as selling for a company under bankruptcy makes telemarketing twice as difficult.

Because I had been listening to Grant Cardone at the time, I found out he was located in Aventura, FL, about an hour away from where I had been working.

Part ✌️

I applied to work for Cardone Training Technologies, Inc., and I got a job as a Client Performance Manager (sales trainer) that same week.

Fun fact: The day I interviewed for the role was the day Grant hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

On top of consulting small to medium-sized companies on how to sell effectively, I got to see big influencers like John Maxwell, Jon Taffer, Steve Harvey, Jesse Itzler, Sara Blakely, Tai Lopez, and Daymond John speak at our company events.

I realized that all these influencers had two things in common: They knew sales, and they knew digital marketing.

I felt I had the former pretty dialed in as a telemarketer with 5+ years of experience and the ability to train sales teams of any size.

The latter is what caused me to shift my career to work for the agency I'm at today.

My past experience

Dental Whale

Dental Whale is the leading provider of dental solutions in the United States. We support over 19,000 dental practices across the U.S.

Senior Marketing Strategist

Mar 2021 — Present
  • As a Senior Marketing Strategist, my role is to lead our Marketing Strategy Pod team members within our digital marketing agency and provide them with guidance through business and client challenges.
  • Working in tandem with our paid search specialists, I provide oversight on optimizations for all of our accounts as well as collaborate with various other business units to ensure overall client success.
  • I run our morning and afternoon huddles, weekly retention meetings, and our weekly internal meetings. All of these meetings are intended to continue our department's momentum and ensure success for our team members and clients.

Conversion Whale

Conversion Whale is the leading marketing company exclusively for dentists and was ranked #328 fastest-growing private companies in America in 2018.

Client Success Manager

Oct 2019 — Mar 2021
  • I created and successfully implemented a sales strategy to transition all company accounts to our new business model/software.
  • I increased the performance of my book of business's marketing campaigns using strategic plans that included direct mail, Facebook Ads, local SEO, and Google Ads.
  • I received certifications on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Customer Acquisition, and Marketing Strategy.

Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.

Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. is a full-service sales and management training company owned by New York Times bestselling author, Grant Cardone.

Client Performance Manager

Oct 2018 — Aug 2019
  • Within 3 months at Cardone Training Technologies, Inc., I won Client Performance Manager "Rookie of The Year."
  • Due to my success as a Client Performance Manager, I was trusted with more complicated accounts (remote sales representatives, large work force, and multi-location businesses) as well as training new staff members on our team.
  • I managed a book of business of over 200 accounts in a variety of industries. To ensure success from our sales training, this required me to work directly with a company's C-suite, vice presidents, directors, and regional sales managers.

My skills

Marketing Strategy

Creating customized marketing plans for businesses involving PPC, SEO, and web development.

Team Management

Managing teams, processes, and KPIs while working with key leaders in other business units.

Customer Success

Managing accounts with regular communication and strategies to increase performance.

Sales Training

Creating processes for customer retention, presentations, upselling, and inbound/outbound calling.


Working with companies on their overall digital presence to ensure coherency and distinction.


Inspiring change through simple and thought-provoking writing with clear call-to-actions.