Crafting and executing brand strategies that align with a company's overall vision.

Executing Brand Strategies
Skill Level (1-5)
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Company / Project
Conversion Whale
Digital Marketing


In my career as a marketer, I've had the opportunity to work with businesses on their brand from the ground up.

Below you'll find the areas that I've assisted businesses in:

  • Creating an initial brand strategy
  • Discovering and promoting USPs / value propositions
  • Naming projects / businesses
  • Working with graphic designers to create logos and other creatives
  • Working with web developers to create websites and landing pages
  • Ongoing sales promotions
  • Reputation management
  • Adjusting copy on current advertisements to reflect a company's preferred image
  • Setting up social media profiles
  • Finding and executing in untapped marketing channels to increase a company's level of omnipresence


Branding is one of the most important pieces when analyzing a company's digital marketing strategy. A company's brand serves as the foundation for future marketing efforts. Paid advertising, SEO, direct mail, email and content marketing campaigns are useless if there is no underlying brand that communicates trust, quality, expertise, distinction, and utility.

With every client I've worked with, my goal has always been to understand the vision that that company / individual wants to communicate to its potential customers. Once I understand this, then my team and I can begin working on other aspects of my client's digital marketing strategy.


Highlights related to my skill of branding include the following:

  • Increasing Google Ads account performance due to updating a client's brand strategy
  • Increasing a client's lead flow and revenue due to brand exposure in new marketing channels
  • Assisting clients before, during, and after the acquisition of a new business and positively affecting the perception of clients' acquired book of business
  • Increasing social proof through Google My Business reviews and customer video testimonials
  • Helping new business owners become profitable through effective branding efforts