Creating sales copy, advertisements, newsletters, and blog posts with clear CTAs.

Sales Copy & Advertisements
Skill Level (1-5)
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Company / Project
Conversion Whale
Digital Marketing


Copywriting is a skill I've applied for the following objectives:

  • Crafting social media posts
  • Creating email newsletters
  • Blogging with clear CTAs
  • Rewriting Google Ads copy
  • Creating content for websites / landing pages


Despite working alongside experienced writers, it has sometimes been my role to create the content necessary to execute my clients' marketing strategies. From creating blog and social media posts to collaborating with our Google Ads specialists to rework advertisements, I've had multiple opportunities to write effective copy for our clients.

With certifications in Marketing Strategy, SEO, Facebook Ads, and Customer Acquisition, I'm able to use my knowledge of digital marketing to create content that leads to conversions and brand exposure.


Highlights related to my skill of copywriting include the following:

  • Shifting the quality of leads because of changes made to ad copy
  • Having Facebook, Google My Business, and Instagram posts generate thousands of impressions/views
  • Creating articles for company and client blogs which helped further overall marketing strategy
  • Creating emails for company newsletter which helped promote our proprietary technology