Customer Success

Ensuring customer satisfaction by onboarding, growing, and retaining accounts.

Client Growth & Retention
Skill Level (1-5)
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Company / Project
Digital Marketing + SaaS


Between my roles at Conversion Whale (CW) and Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. (CTTI), I've managed over 300 accounts and have conducted thousands of strategy calls to increase the results my clients receive from our products.

Regarding my skill of Customer Success, I am proficient in the following:

  • Managing the performance of a large book of business
  • Working with other departments to increase my clients' results
  • Conducting well-prepared strategy calls
  • Onboarding clients
  • Conducting presentations of SaaS products
  • Creating tailored business and marketing plans
  • Troubleshooting issues to appropriate departments
  • Handling retention calls
  • Upselling / cross-selling solutions
  • Growing my clients' businesses


Given my background in sales training and digital marketing, I have the ability to approach every client with an expansive tool box to get them results.

My approach to Client Success consists of 5 parts:

  1. Understand my client's challenges and desires during their onboarding phase
  2. Ensure my client is getting results during their product adoption phase
  3. Ensure continuous improvement during my client's retention phase
  4. Find and sell my client the right solutions during their expansion phase
  5. Request testimonials and referrals once peak performance is achieved so my client can enter their advocacy phase

My goal is to have every one of my clients reach an advocacy phase where they are willing to recommend our products and services to their own colleagues.


Below you'll find testimonials from former clients I managed throughout my career.

Our dental practice was fortunate to have Diego as our Marketing Strategist. In the past four weeks, we have increased our patient volume and production by 300%. This milestone was achieved by Diego’s strategic insight and our team’s steadfast execution. He shares recommendations that are market tested and proved to deliver results. His approach is methodically, sound, and mission focused. I highly recommend Diego for anyone seeking to achieve the next level and has an appetite for high performance. - Adil, Business Owner in Maryland

Diego was one of my favorite Cardone’s client performance managers. He was very professional and serious about his work. He helped me and my team create Cold Calling scripts that are related to dental, and that helped my company get new leads and more new patients with dental insurance. I still have and use those scripts, they are super helpful. Diego also pushed his team that was in charge of merchandise orders to complete one of my orders that was delayed for months. I was very satisfied with his service. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with growing their business and improving their team performance. - Emina, Office Manager in Arizona

One thing that I love about Diego is that he never gives advice that he wouldn't follow himself. He thrives on evolving as times change which makes him an excellent marketing strategist. Because he has a core desire to succeed, he works extremely hard; so undertaking any business endeavor with him would be a step in the right direction. - Ohm, Business Owner in North Carolina

Over the course of 2 years Diego was there for our team when it mattered most. He was consistent and supportive at all times. He motivated as well as educated me each time we spoke or exchanged messages. His experience and ability to train others makes him a powerful tool for any organization small or large. - Robert, Business Owner in Iowa

Diego was my client performance manager at Cardone University. Diego was amazing: he set appointments quickly, he communicated clearly, he checked in on me regularly, he always and promptly did what he said he would do, he gave me tools to hold myself and my team accountable, he gave me and my team his personal phone number and welcomed us to reach out to him 24/7, he fervently sought to ensure I had the best experience possible with Cardone University, and, above all else, he was genuine and someone I always looked forward to working with. - Jeff, Business Owner in Nebraska

Diego is a very professional and helpful individual that took care of my account with Cardone University. He is personable, cared about our relationship and did what he could to help out. Appreciate his enthusiasm, energy and upbeat attitude. - Daniel, Business Owner in Canada