Marketing planning that includes PPC, SEO, web development, and brand management.

Marketing Strategy
Skill Level (1-5)
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Company / Project
Conversion Whale
Digital Marketing


While working at Conversion Whale, I managed the marketing campaigns of dental practices all throughout the United States. I have personally been responsible for thousands in revenue generated for our clients.

The marketing strategies I've provided have included the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Landing page + website development
  • Local SEO
  • Brand management
  • Direct mail


Every client I've worked with is different; however, specifically in dental, there are a few categories which indicate the type of marketing needed.

  • Single location owners
  • Specialized locations
  • Multi-location groups (3 or more)

To ensure each of my clients is successful requires collaborating with paid search specialists, web developers, direct mail specialists, content writers, and graphic designers.


Below you'll find a few highlights from my work with my clients. Names have been withheld to protect the privacy of my clients.

  • Increased number of Google My Business reviews for Dentist A from 17 in April, 2020 to 1,154 in June, 2021 by using QR codes and front desk training. This has positively affected our marketing campaigns.
  • Increased conversion rates and conversions for Dentist B by recommending and selling a website redesign. This required working with our web developers, content writers, and the client to complete in a timely manner. Client's old website converted between 6-10% with less than 15 leads generated a month. After our change, the client's conversion rates increased to 25-30% with more than 60 leads generated a month. Marketing budget was soon increased due to more revenue generated.
  • Dentist C acquired 3 additional locations and attributed this growth due to our marketing efforts.
  • Dentist D launched their first practice in September 2020 and was profitable within 4 months. High-value procedures were generated around their 5-month mark.
  • Dentist E's website converted between 3-10%. We identified that because their website had multiple locations on it, the conversion rates for this specific location we were running Google Ads for may have been affected. Working with our web developers and content writers, we were able to create a specialized landing page which increased conversion rates to 12-19%. This increase in conversion rates meant an increase in lead flow.