Managing teams and department KPIs while collaborating with other key leaders.

Team Management
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Dental Whale
Digital Marketing


In my recent role leading a CSM team at Dental Whale, I've had to apply a variety of strategies to improve our team's performance.

Below you'll learn how I tackled my leadership role in my first 90 days.


Regarding execution in my most recent management position, my top priority within my first month leading our CSM team was to create a 48-page training manual that detailed everything from the KPIs our team would track to the ways we would conduct our strategy calls.

Within my second month, I worked with our Director of Paid Search to create a 7-week training program which included training on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and paid media tools such as Optmyzr.

My third month and beyond has consisted of strategizing on ways to grow our department, increasing our clients' results from our marketing campaigns, executing on our company's top objectives, and improving the KPIs we track.


I have seen the following positive indicators in our CSM team's performance:

  • There has been increased collaboration between team members due to effective meetings being implemented
  • There has been an increase in job knowledge due to our 7-week marketing training program being implemented
  • Internal sales have increased
  • Customer retention has improved
  • Working in tandem with our paid search specialists and web developers, as a whole, we have seen increases in our clients' account performance. Increases include conversions, conversion rates, CTRs, and overall ad spend.